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What Excites You Most About Bioenergy?

Members of the AHB Team Answer the Question

Steve Strauss

Steve Strauss

Oregon State University The idea that we can produce energy and chemicals with much lower greenhouse gas impacts. The idea of putting our most advanced tree breeding, genetics, and genetic engineering tools to work for [...]

Rick Gustafson

University of Washington The potential of having a fuel source that is sustainable and that can provide multiple ecosystem services. A big advantage of biofuels is that the energy is in a dense and transportable [...]
Nora Haider is an extension professional for the AHB project.

Nora Haider

Washington State University Extension Bioenergy is awesome because of its potential to address many of the environmental issues we are facing. Energy crops can help restore degraded farmland and collecting forest residue can reduce the [...]
Rich Shuren works for GreenWood Resources

Rich Shuren

GreenWood Resources I'm excited to work on bioenergy projects because we won't be able to rely on fossil fuels indefinitely due to availability and greenhouse gas emissions. The work we do now secures our energy [...]

Adriene Koett-Cronn

Oregon State University Bioenergy is exciting because it has the potential to positively affect so many aspects of our community and the world as a whole. Not only does it address energy and environmental sustainability, [...]
Washington State University